The Value of a Photographer

As a professional photographer for 40 plus years I can’t help but ponder the value of my profession in society.

Value can be measured in different ways and it’s easy to relate it to money but value also relates to a contribution or role, what we give.

So what do we give or provide?

We document society, we provide a photographic record of what has been and who we are. We record significant events and moments in time that usually cant be repeated and the true importance of that is usually not valued until some time later – also know as “too late”. Images tell our story, our life’s journey and history

We live in an era where digital images dominate, smart phones pervade our life and we progressively rely on digital technologies to record, share and store our stories. Many fail to understand that generations to come, our children and grandchildren, may want to look back at their ancestry but the rapid advancement of technology over that time may not allow them to either find or view those images.

I bought a computer twenty five years ago, it is not compatible with any current operating system or software, it can not read a DVD or CD (nor can the one I bought a month ago) it does not have USB /firewire port and if that change can happen in twenty five years past we have to ask what changes will happen twenty five years into the future

I believe as a professional photographer my industry has a duty to ensure society is not denied its visual history through that inevitable change in technology.

The value we bring is more than taking photographs it’s working with our clients and society so they understand the responsibility we share in ensuring generations to come can look back and see their heritage.

My grandparents left me (and my children) part of their heritage, a professional photograph printed by a craftsmen.

It’s compatible with the one operating system that will be available for all generations to come…
The Human Eye!

1918 was a challenging time in history but they were wise enough to invest in recording their story, and I’m thankful they did.

This video will explain the importance of printing our significant moments.