Profit from the sale of Four Five Five Six the Buderim Region is being donated to the BWMCA, Buderim Foundation and Buderim Historical Society

Three years after Queensland was declared a self governing colony, Thomas Petrie travelled north to explore the densely forested plateau inland from the Mooloolah River looking for timber.

We know it today as Buderim.

Locals have speculated over time that it’s an extinct volcano but what has never been in doubt, is the fertile volcanic soil gave rise to immense forest canopies that early timber getters would harvest for Brisbane mills – later settlers would use to sow crops for a living and today’s residents enjoy as residential communities set among the valleys and plateau.

Four Five Five Six the Buderim Region is designed to give every one, both new and long term residents, visitors and those outside the region just enough information to understand how we got here and what we are as a community, or more so a collective of communities. This book strives to define those communities, their boundaries, attributes and history.

Kokoda – Images of a Rugged Journey is a unique collection of photographs that epitomise the true character of the Kokoda Track captured over 2 different treks.

Kokoda is a harsh environment, humid, wet and unforgiving on equipment and people. When it comes to capturing the harsh nature and climate of New Guinea it requires a professional skill and the ability to work with light and climate that can change in minutes.

This book captures the mood and character of the trail through stunning photography and gives a glimpse of the people, their villages and lifestyles

With a hard cover the book is A4 in size when closed and opens horizontally to measure 60 cm in width, with some of the images spanning two pages. There are a total of 110 pages.

Also included is a 3D map showing the Owen Stanley range with the track and villages marked.