Four Five Five Six – the Buderim Region. Buderim Book

With a time line spanning 200 million years the Buderim region has a lot of history to share.

We have found the best versions of historical photographs and restored them back to original condition, explained the history behind the precincts their community groups and supplemented this with 300 images and maps.

To define a boundary for the book we chose the 4556 Postcode as it encircles the Buderim Plateau.

Importantly this book explains the culture of modern day Buderim, Forest Glen, Kunda Park, Mons, Sippy Downs and Tanawha and the lifestyles enjoyed by those who live here. It will allow those new to the area to understand the history, the communities today and makes an ideal gift to send to those outside the area.


To explain its geological creation the book includes a 3d model and combined with maps and graphics that illustrate the impact of climate change over millennia.

First Nations Peoples

Throughout the book we pay respect to First Nations People in and around Buderim, their interactions with early settlers, the stolen generation and their ongoing involvement with the area.

The Logging

The story of the loggers who harvested the timber on Buderim for the Brisbane mills.

The Early Settlers

Meet the people and families who came to Buderim to start new lives, many of our streets hold their names.

The Building of a Town

Through the early 1900’s as the population grew businesses established to meet the demands of the farming communities, the building blocks of those businesses form the footprint of what we see as Buderim today.

In the shadow of war

Both WW1 & WW2 laid the foundations for the community spirit of Buderim with a pride & legacy that grows stronger each year within the community.

The Buderim War Memorial Community Association is at the heart of this.

The communities

Importantly this book explains the precincts of 4556; Buderim, Forest Glen, Kunda Park, Mons, Sippy Downs and Tanawha and the lifestyles enjoyed by those who live here.


A look at annual events and parades held each year as well as a look back at their origins.


An overview of the major parks.


Current sporting facilities and clubs and the changing facilities over time.


A look at the changing architecture since settlement to modern day.

From the air

Ten pages of aerial photographs revealing the secluded enclaves and precincts hidden within the escarpments.

The Sunshine Coast

An overview of the greater Sunshine Coast from the Blackall Range to the coast including the business hubs and facilities.