These recordings are for all family members and importantly younger generations and generations to come. Hopefully they will span many decades and because of that we have introduced aspects of historical relevance, as an example we can’t presume future generations will know about a pandemic in 2020.

They were recorded in January 2023 in Graddy’s dining room by her eldest daughter Judy and her husband Ross. Occasionally throughout the recordings Graddy will refer to “you” that should be taken as Judy.

On that note Dutch vocal pronunciations have some inconsistencies when translated to english “J” being one, as an example Graddy will pronounce Judy as Yudy, you will notice this with other words and sounds throughout.

There are 11 episodes in total. Some web browsers (Google Chrome) will allow you to download each episode if you want, look for the three dots at the end of the player

Birth to 1940

WW Two Life under occupation and Liberation

The house keeper

Meeting Opa