Training and consultancy

With a career spanning 40 years I have well established credentials with building and maintaining a business and offering stylised photography of any commercial subject.

We can help your business establish your own in house studio and train staff in camera operation, lighting and post production through to the end product for your online catalogues.

For working photographers we offer a variety of mentoring options to help expand your

Mentoring and workshops
Mentoring and workshops © Kurt Stockham

Dealing with clients, quoting, communications and adding value are essential components in building a business in today’s market. Achieving the right photographic result regardless of circumstances and at a price your client wants requires a knowledge of lighting , composition and Photoshop skills that will allow any photographer to shine.

I offer one one one mentoring and workshops at different levels depending on requirements.

  • Consultation/mentoring in hourly blocks – designed to allow photographers to bring issues over a period of time to help with the day to day circumstances that arise as you run your business. Minimum block is 10 hours.
  • Intensive Mentoring- a Minimum of one day mentoring on business basics including quoting, copyright and licensing, Marketing and client relations.
  • Practical workshops- a minimum of a half day on targeted photographic styles and extend to full day and weekend workshops. These workshops can be for a maximum of 5 People.
  • Photoshop basics through to advance skills and color management.

    Mentoring and workshops
    Mentoring and workshops © Kurt Stockham