Business Portraits

The right portrait comes in different forms
for different professions!

A traditional head and shoulders on a simple background is a standard of any portrait sitting but beyond that comes the craft of identifying the subliminal message. Body language and expression can combine to create a powerful environmental image and equally can send a negative message if done incorrectly.

The first image on the left would appeal to a younger generation while the second would appeal to a traditional mature demographic.

Ted O’Brien


Professional Portraits need to convey the right message relevant to the professional skill.

As an example a Lawyer needs to demonstrate trust and knowledge, a Psychologist openness. This messaging comes from their expression and body Language.

Garland Waddington Solicitors


Environmental Portraits incorporate a story or element of the subject’s profession.

Anna Rubin - Artist
Anna Rubin – Artist

My starting point with a business portrait is to identify two things – what makes you different and who your target market is, from there I shape a portrait to convey that message and ensure the viewer perceives the right message and is drawn in a positive sense to your business and integrity. It’s about standing out from the crowd and it’s not necessarily about a smile.