Artwork and Preservation

Preservation and repair of valuable photographs

Most of us become custodians of our family archives; photographs, documents and stories past on from previous generations that preserve that family legacy for future generations.

Time and the environment can cause deterioration to valuable family images, particularly in tropical environments, it is important photographs in particular are stored the correct way to prevent ongoing deterioration.

We offer advice on the best way to store and preserve photographs and we can restore damaged photographs to reflect their original quality.

Digital technologies allow us to copy damaged images, remove imperfections, rebuild damaged areas but importantly maintain the original authenticity photographers of the past created, we then reprint those using latest archival materials.

Information on preserving flood damaged photographs can be found here

Photography of artwork is as exacting as the artwork itself.

low res
Artwork by Kate Bergin

We copy and digitise artwork paintings and documents for artists and businesses and Government

Every artwork is unique, the mediums used to create it plus the texture and technique of the artist all conspire to dictate how the artwork should be lit for photography. Accuracy of color and density is essential to ensure those who view the image or photograph are seeing the same as the artist created.

Kate Bergin

I use industry standard color graphic charts and density scales that I include in every artwork, this allows anyone reproducing the photograph to match the original artwork within their own tolerances.