Why Accredited

In today’s market buying the tools and creating a web presence to look professional is easy but being a professional is a different matter.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, complying with strict government guidelines and requirements, accredits photographers. Accredited Photographers have to adhere to a minimum standard, demonstrate their skills by portfolio submission with regular reviews and similar to other professions they also have to participate in ongoing professional development/training to ensure they stay abreast of technology.

They are required to have sufficient Public Liability Insurance and adhere to strict business and legal requirements.

Accreditation ensures the photographer has access to skill sets necessary for an ongoing viable business but more importantly it is there to protect the customer and ensure they get the standard, service and protection they are entitled to.

Accredited photographers are required to adhere to a strict code of practice that prohibits unethical marketing or sales techniques with a requirement to advise a client if they are not qualified to undertake a project.